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Yellow Angel

3 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Set

3 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes Set

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Product Description: 

3 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes set Magnet Liquid Eyeliner & Magnetic Lashes & Tweezer Set Waterproof Long Lasting Eyelash Extension

Simple and convenient to use. Simply draw the eyeliner on and the magnetic lashes will stick right to the liner. You can fine-tune the position or remove magnetic eyelashes easily. These lashes fit most eye shapes well, giving you a beautiful lash thickness and length.

Product Specifications:

False Eyelashes Sort: Strip Lashes
False Eyelashe Length: 1cm-1.5cm
False Eyelashes Band: Black Cotton Band
False Eyelashe Type: Full Strip Lashes
False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long
Manufacturing Process: Hand Made
Quantity: 3 pairs
Item Type: Eyelashes Extension
Size: 3 pairs/set
Material: Magnet Eyelashes
Includes: Please review each photo before ordering to confirm exactly what you will receive.


  • Bend To Make The Magnetic Eyelashes Fit your Eyelid Better.
  • Do Some Mascara On Your Natural Eyelashes First (it helps blend them together better with the falsies).
  • Apply the eyeliner a few more times on the head and the end of the eyes.
  • To remove: Grab the inner corner of the lash and gently peel off. Wipe the magnetic eyeliner with warm water and coconut oil
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